About us

Our History

With over 20 years of experience gained while working for different industries such as mining, manufacturing, banking, medical and government, among others, within Mexico, United States and Canada, MEC Executive Search was created.

Having a wide network of companies and professionals at top levels sharing a common request: the need of having professional and trustable support, with physical presence, in finding the qualified executives at their companies.

Our years of experience have provided us with the perspective required to identify and evaluate exceptional management potential and the ability to match individual candidates with the specific requirements for your company.

MEC Executive Search was created to satisfy the needs of our clients and furthermore, determined to achieve excellence in all that we do.

Our expertise within the recruiting field allows our clients to benefit from our ability to meet critical objectives.

Mission and Values

Our mission and values are the basis on which we are building the best company we can be. Our main mission is to provide the best quality service thats excedes our customers, generate expectations with integrity and professionalism through excellence in all our services.

At MEC, through our values; excellence, integrity, dedication, trust, transparency, and commitment, we are determined to build honest long-term relationships through open and straight communication with all people involved within our business

We act with integrity and transparency when conducting business and take pride in our achievements.

Through our Excellence, we enable our customers to stay ahead of their competitors by providing best- in- class qualified candidates. By these premises, we proudly earned the respect and trust of our clients and candidates.

We are highly qualified to help our clients find, assess and recruit excellence in leadership talent.

It is this relationship that continues to develop over the years that sets our executive search ahead

MEC will act based upon your company needs. Acting As your business partner, we will make every effort to present to you only qualified candidates. You can rest assured that our recruiters will always work with excellence and professionalism.

Our objective is to match the best candidates, with the values and business objectives of the organization hiring. So, only the most qualified candidates will be presented.

We are a Professional Team

We are a compromised team of highly qualified professionals absolutely committed to present to you the best qualified candidates suitable to your Company’s Culture and needs assuring our services are always provided according our Company mision and values.

We provide qualified, competitive, and excellent professionals that will add value to your Company. Our true passion for the business and the desire to exceed our client’s expectations is always our major target.

With over 20 years of experience being exposed to diferente Industries we have acquired the required expertise to manage the recruiting field having a large range of multinational clients across multiple industry sectors within

Mexico, The United States,  and Canada.

We have presence in each community. We are in the people business and enjoy meeting people. We at the office commited to network, sit on boards, be present at conferences, and cultivate relationships.

We actively source the best of the best, often before they even enter in the job market. We measure our success based on yours. Our staff is highly trained and has a proven track record of satisfied clients and candidates. Our recruiters continually strive for excellence.