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Who we are?

We are a team of highly qualified  professionals with expertise in multicultural  environments working for multinationals in  all levels.

It allows us to generate a win-win  situation for our clients, the executives, and  the labor workforce within the industries of Mexico, The United States,  and Canada.

Our Services

Executive Recruitment

Seminars & Workshops

New Labor Law Compliance

Why choosing us?

Our Experience

20+ years of experience working with multinationals enable us to find the right solution according to our client requirements.
Our expertise allows us to give employers valuable advice and custom consultancy that favors the success of each project.

All our clients are multinationals in different industrial branches, such as:

Automotive, Electronics, Metal-mechanic, Aerospace, Medical, Mechanical, Telecommunications, Energy, and more.

Valued Added

Legal certification.

Multicultural seasoned experience.

20+ years of hands-on Manufacturing culture expertise at all levels of organizations.

Tri-cultural, as well as, US and Mexico border culture expertise and networking.

Experience managing operations of up to 27,000  employees in different facilities.

Great Values

Our success is attributable to the high quality of our personalized advised, and a culture focused on the constant practice of our values; excellence, integrity, dedication, trust, transparency, and commitment, we are determined to establish an honest long-term relationship through open and direct communication we all the people involved in our business.

We act with integrity and transparency when we do business and take pride in our achievements.

Through our excellence, we allow our clients to stay ahead of their competitors by providing qualified candidates best in class. For these premises, we proudly earn the respect and trust of our clients and candidates.

Some of Our Clients